BI Rain Bubble Girl collage by Jim Neeley / Wisecracker Studio

A little bit Matisse and little bit Warhol, Jim Neeley paints with paper creating irreverent collages of joy and nostalgia. Cover your wall in multiples of these colorful artworks. Unframed original paper collage on board. 

Dimensions: 12 x 12"high.

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Jim Neeley, who with his partner David Dow comprise Wisecracker Studio,  is drawn to assemblage for a variety of reasons. The mechanics of handling and assembling the pieces involve not only design decision making but also careful sequencing and problem-solving. Because of the layering of gesso and paints, each piece requires time and patience before it is ready for final assembly. For his type-A personality, this studio work has been life altering. Thematic abstractions allow Jim to explore, exploit and embrace a vast and diverse catalogue of visual ideas that reflect his personality as a designer—and also as a bit of a Wisecracker.

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