Cubic Geometry FIVE: 2 by artist David Umemoto

David Umemoto

Handmade concrete sculpture by David Umemoto.

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5".

Canadian artist David Umemoto is represented in the U.S. exclusively by Norcross and Scott Home. 

The concrete works of David Umemoto stand as studies about volume. At the juncture of sculpture and architecture, these miniature pieces evoke temporary buildings or monuments standing on far-away lands. 

All of Umemoto’s pieces are handmade, in order to respect an economy of means. 

When one sees Umemoto’s architecture sculptures, one thinks of the modernist complex of Brasilia by Niemeyer, lost in the Amazonian jungle, or of the complex of Chandigarh by Le Corbusier, in the heart of India. The walls rising towards nowhere, the curves running into ceilings, and the staircases leading into the void are reminiscent of the mysterious Prisons of Piranesi. One way or another, these are always works where imagination joins forces with a contemplative discipline.

Collections: Art, New Arrivals

Type: Art

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