Painted Plains Hide, Patchwork


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The Painted Plains collection utilizes whole hides and bold graphics to create a modern juxtaposition between material and pattern. Water-based stain penetrates the surface of the hide for a durable finish and beautiful patina. Each rug features our signature stamped logo and has a naturally unique outline shape.

We love the character a product acquires when it is hand made. Every unique mark and paint line is what makes it special and they will vary slightly on each item. Each hide is meant to age beautifully and deepen in color over time. These hides are designed to be used as rugs, but also make beautiful wall hangings and upholstery.

Half Cowhide | Average Size 7.5' x 3.5'
Hand-painted in Brooklyn, sewn in New York
Graphite stain on natural leather


The Maker: AVO is a Brooklyn based art and design studio founded by Brit Kleinman. AVO’s mission is to inspire a new appreciation for the beauty of objects and their use in the home. AVO's hand-painted leather explores the use of traditional materials used in innovative ways. Each piece plays with the juxtaposition between shape and pattern.

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