Peacock Emerald Green Lounge Chair

Bend Goods

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The most intricate and detailed design to date, the Bend Goods Peacock Lounge Chair is their take on the iconic design that was made famous in the 1970’s. Unlike it’s wicker predecessor, the geometry in the Bend Peacock is made completely from wire. The striking lines in the back rest of this oversized lounge chair will have everyone that encounters it stopping in their tracks. While the comfort in the seat will have you sitting glamorously for hours on end.

Hot-dip galvanized iron to prevent rust, powder coated finish, wire chair. Metal plate products are indoor only.  Seat pad can be ordered at an additional cost.

Dimensions: 37"H x 31"W x 22"D Height: 13"

*Gentleman in photo not included.

Want to sit in it before purchasing?   We invite you to visit the shop by appointment. Email to get things started. 

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